Lead Developer
Technologies Used:
Java; Javascript; Contentful CMS; Firebase
Working with GNC's design team, I created several health quiz applications, including quizzes for Fish Oil, Probiotics, and Protein Number. Each quiz was implemented differently, though they shared some common features. I created a generic Javascript class to cover the common use cases, and then extended that class for each quiz application's unique requirements. I also upgraded GNC's existing reporting dashboard from a PHP/MySQL-based implementation to an HTML/CSS/Javascript real-time dashboard.
Because the Java platform running GNC's e-commerce site did not support storing customer results in a traditional database model, I linked to Firebase, a NoSQL database, to power real-time statistical analysis of Protein Number quiz results. By aggregating the results in Firebase in real-time, I eliminated long-running unoptimized calls to MySQL that aggregated tens of millions of records, instead reporting on just the aggregte counters from Firebase. The same Java platform was also not sufficient to store the kind of CMS data that the quiz results required, so I researched and implemented content models in Contentful, an API-driven CMS.

Project Images:

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