American Airlines: Buy/Gift/Share Miles

Lead Developer
Technologies Used:
Laravel; SAML; custom SOAP client; custom responsive framework
As lead developer, I managed a team of between two and five developers to create the Buy/Gift/Share (BGS) marketplace for American Airlines' AAdvantage customers. AA supplied the initial designs and business logic; my team wrote the code to power the site. I made several trips to Fort Worth, TX, for backlog grooming and release planning, where I worked closely with the project management teams from both my company and AA to ensure that business requirements were understood by the development team and that development challenges were understood by the business teams.
Since many of the web services being consumed by this app were never exposed to third-party systems prior to the launch of this site, and since those services could not be modified to match my team's expectations because the APIs were used by other internal tools, I had to create a custom SOAP client to process AAdvantage member information. I also spent time coordinating with AA's internal IT group to implement a single sign-on client that would let AA employees use their employee login for both their internal tools and the administrative backend for this site.

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